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When looking to provide a thesis writer service online, one of the main aspects that students look at is the quality and the depth of knowledge of the staff. Our writers are at the core of the smooth running of our company, and as such we cherish what they bring to our services. For this they are compensated very reasonably for their efforts and hard work.

Selection Criteria Writers

Dissertation Empire has very attractive services on offer that makes us the industry leading writing help service for students. To maintain this high benchmark we have set; when hiring dissertation writers we look at two main attributes: their grasp of the English language and the extensive knowledge they have acquired in a specific field, or maybe a few of them. We do not employ generic writers, as this clashes with the company ethos, as one of our main draws over our rivals is the fact that we employ staff with extensive knowledge in certain topics to compose customer’s dissertation.

When choosing dissertation writers for hire, we put them through a series of rigorous testing to ascertain whether or not they would be a good fit for the company, as we want only the best to represent the company brand. Dissertation services already have accumulated a very bad reputation amongst students, and we cannot let bad experiences tar our name and be brushed aside into such a category. We also ask for potential employee’s portfolios to see if you have a good track record with composing high quality dissertations.

Commitment is also an important factor we take into account when dissertation writers academic writers needed. Not only do they need to show good work ethic and commitment towards completing a dissertation, which is several thousand words in length, but also their clients could want to get in touch at any time to tell you important information or any changes that have been made. For this reason, we look for a committed and organized thesis writer online.

Should you hire a thesis writer?

As a company that’s constantly looking to expand and become the market leader in the business, we care about our customers. Here is what to expect when you hire dissertation writer from our service:

• Our customers have the choice to choose whichever member of staff they desire, so patience is required as work will not always be available at the beginning.
• We offer free 10-day revisions, so you should also be alert to any revisions that may be requested of you after completion.
• We pride ourselves on the fact that all our papers are plagiarism free, and everyone is expected to start from scratch. is the world’s finest provide of assignments, and as such we have set a very high bar for our staff to adhere to.

Published on  January 21st, 2016